Customer Service: 1300 CROWNMOB ( 1300 276 966 )

Customer Service: 1300 CROWNMOB ( 1300 276 966 )

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Complaint Handling Policy

Once we receive a complaint, we will confirm the receipt by acknowledging it via mail or call back by phone within a business day. Sometimes the complaint can be categorized as very urgent. Such scenarios may be as follows.   

During the Financial Hardship acceptance, the service is supposed to discontinue due to some reasons, medical emergency allows you to get priority assistance by providing a resolution promise within 3 business days of working, (Any breach during this situation will keep you updated with the information). The status of the complaint will be informed before and in a timely manner. Depending on the stage of the complaint the information is passed. 

We have aimed for complete resolution promptly and will complete it within the 30 days time frame in some complex scenarios. Some situations may encounter very complicated scenarios that may take more than 30 days of provided time-bound. Those cases will be considered separately and considered in the prior category. Such cases will have special updates such as in progress, waiting for confirmation, etc. 

We will support our maximum to get your complaints sorted out completely.  

You can just call our support agent at the number 1300 CROWNMOB (1300 276 966) and complaint over the phone. Our objective is to resolve the inquiries at the earliest with maximum customer satisfaction. We serve the customer with maximum dedication. You can complain to us even by writing to us in our support mail. We will respond to all the inquiries coming like that in a stipulated time-bound.  

You can also prefer appointing a representative to interact with us in case of an emergency on behalf of you. We are happy to assist you in formulating a complaint. 

How do we address the complaint that was filed? As soon as we receive the complaint, we try to resolve it at the point time. If it is not resolved within the expected time, we calculate the time of investigation for the same. We will move to a proper analysis of the issue after providing the expected time of response or resolution to the customer. If the issue is expected to continue in progress, we will consider it the highest priority. At all points in time, we will inform you of the progress of our steps to the solution on time. 

In some situations, if the answers may not be satisfying enough for you, in such a situation you may ask for the escalation of the issue to the next level. After considering the situation we will organize the prompt measures according to the decisions of senior management.

Our structure of resolution of a complaint

If your complaint is resolved within the time-bound provided, we will inform you the same. The maximum of the day will be 10 business days.  

If your complaint is out of bounds you may go outside for the resolution.  

Involvement of the outside body:

TIO- Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman

Here you can get the resolution for complaints related to phone or internet providers directly. TIO mainly considers the cooperation of two parties. They provide solutions to the dispute scenarios which aim to produce fair results.  

You can contact directly at any of the following depending on the scenario:  

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO): General complaints 

 PH: 1800 062 058 

Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA): Broadcast complaints PH: 1300 850 115 

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC): Privacy complaints PH: 1300 363 992 

We’ll systematically record each complaint and retain it for two years. 

Crown Mobile is established in the telecommunications business with a focus on keeping Australians connected everywhere. Allowing customers to enjoy the best possible solutions for their SIM and mobile phone is our prime motto. We kept the customers up to date with intellectual thought-out and provided 100 percent care support.

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