Customer Service: 1300 CROWNMOB ( 1300 276 966 )

Customer Service: 1300 CROWNMOB ( 1300 276 966 )

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Port IN - Port OUT Policy


We offer you several portability Services. Here you can get the transfer of the current operator to our Crown Mobile. You should initially raise a request for a port from your existing provider at first. If all the procedures from the old provider are fine, we can proceed with the port in initiatives. The proper validation procedure is a mandatory step during the Port in. You will receive an e-mail from us within the next 4 hours to notify you that your number has been successfully ported. Porting hours apply so if you activate on a weekend, you may need to wait longer before the transfer is complete. During this delay period, you can continue with the existing provider. SIM card will operate on our policies and procedures once the Port is performed successfully. As a final step, you just need to insert a Crown Mobile SIM card to use our connection.  

During this transfer procedure, you should have a valuation in prior on the details like contracts, restrictions, price calculation, variations, charges, etc. Crown Mobile does not take any responsibility in liability or amount due that you may hold with the previous provider. It is solely your responsibility regarding the payment and contracts. We may contact your previous supplier as a part of the port in procedure.


We enjoyed your journey with us. Feel sorry if you are planning to leave us for any reason. Still, you need to do so you can reach us for all the required information to complete the request for porting out.   

Once your port out procedure is completed, you must cancel the services. This can be done on the My Accounts page. Once we receive the request, we will confirm it first from our end. Crown Mobile has the right to refuse credit refunds if you have accumulated credits throughout your tenure with the company. Any unforeseen events occurred and services outage occurs then we do our responsibilities. We will make all the efforts to bring back the services as usual. Still, you are unsatisfied with the service, you may complain via our support team. We are ready to serve you with 100 percent dedication and excellence. 

Crown Mobile is established in the telecommunications business with a focus on keeping Australians connected everywhere. Allowing customers to enjoy the best possible solutions for their SIM and mobile phone is our prime motto. We kept the customers up to date with intellectual thought-out and provided 100 percent care support.

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