Customer Service: 1300 CROWNMOB ( 1300 276 966 )

Customer Service: 1300 CROWNMOB ( 1300 276 966 )

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Social Media Policy

Customer is our king. We treat customers at the highest priority level. We have information about our customers, including personal, professional including financial in some cases. We strictly follow the policy of social media which includes not interfering with customer life in any scenario of varied purpose outside the work. 

We have strict copyright policies and users of social media will be following the same. They will be vigilant enough during social media postings on our different social media accounts. Employees will be following all copyright rules and regulations. In any scenario, an account facing some misleading posts or comments will be removed immediately or replaced at the highest priority. Any inaccurate data may be amended by the company itself. Our goal is to ensure that the Crown Mobile website is respectful of all beliefs and values.   

The offensive language is strictly abandoned. Postings will be deleted instantly in case unnecessary action is taken unknowingly. In such cases, users may be blocked. We do not allow publishing a link or any piece of content that is misleading or deceptive. In the social media climate, your honesty or dishonesty may be easily discovered. Do not mention anything inaccurate or deceptive. Before uploading or sharing anything, double-check the source and the facts. Social media pages were designed and protected with 100 percent security measures.


Feedback is precious. It helps us to grow.

Crown Mobile is established in the telecommunications business with a focus on keeping Australians connected everywhere. Allowing customers to enjoy the best possible solutions for their SIM and mobile phone is our prime motto. We kept the customers up to date with intellectual thought-out and provided 100 percent care support.

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